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  • Trumping America’s Courts Through Prayer!- January 10, 2019

         If this was the year 2020, most of our prayers would doubtless be focused on America’s presidential election. Indeed, the race for the White House is already ramping up. Yet, 2019 has only just begun and we feel that there is something just as important that patriotic people of prayer should concentrate on during this new year.

         When prayer in American schools was ruled unconstitutional, it was neither the President nor Congress that forced this down the throats of our nation; it was the U.S. Supreme Court.

         When Bible reading in our schools was also ruled unconstitutional, it was again the Supreme Court that made this outlandish ruling.

         When, in 1973, abortion was legalized in America, it was once more the Supreme Court that made that heinous decision which has resulted in terminating the right to life of almost 60 million infants.


    Happy New Year! Our annual Prayer Force One, Year-At-A-Glance Calendar is now ready to send to you. This yearly calendar is our way of saying thanks for praying for America and for supporting the ministry of Prayer Force One.

  • America’s 300 - Judge Roy Moore Call To Prayer!- December 06, 2017

         As you know, America’s 300 is an elite group of prayer warriors who believe that God rules in the affairs of men; and that He often does so in response to the fervent prayers of his people. Well, I believe that it is now time to call on the LORD to intervene in Alabama’s special U.S. senate race that will be decided on Tuesday, December 12th.

  • May We Represent You At The Presidential Inauguration?- January 06, 2017

    (A sincere letter to America’s 300 & members of
    The Prayer Force One - Trump Pence Transitional Prayer Initiative)

    Dear American Prayer Warriors,

    Thirty-six years ago, Sandy and I represented the state of Oklahoma at the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan. At the time I was just a newly elected, 27-year-old State Senator, the youngest to be elected in Oklahoma history. Sandy and I have cherished the memory of attending that historic event for which we and so many others had earnestly prayed.

  • A New Symbol of Expectant Prayer- December 11, 2016

         (A letter to America’s 300, plus the growing ranks who have since joined in the Prayer Force One: Trump/Pence Transitional Prayer Initiative.)

         In the Bible, God, as well as his prophets, often made use of tangible symbols to rally God’s people to prayer. Indeed, God himself sometimes took notice of such manifested sincerity by responding to the prayers that accompanied such symbolic gestures. I could give many Biblical examples, but for brevity, I will instead ask us to focus on such a symbol as we encourage prayer for the incoming Trump/Pence administration.

  • Victory Bulletin! & Election Day Prayer Guide- November 07, 2016

    & Election Day Prayer Guide

    Exactly 300!!!

         May the LORD be praised!!! When we sent out a call for AMERICA’S 300, we did so because we sincerely believed that God instructed us to do this. Of course, we had no way of knowing who or how many would respond by our deadline of November 6th, Prayer Force One Sunday.

  • Phil Robertson, The Gospel, Hillary & The Donald- November 03, 2016

         Phil Robertson is an undeniable phenomenon, a genuine, one-of-a-kind, American original; and a down-to-earth, common sense spokesman for truth.

         You will no doubt recall that Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, was purged from the A&E lineup, only to back executives down as Americans rallied behind him.

  • Your Free Presidential Election Prayer Guide Is Here!- February 23, 2016

         America desperately needs a godly president!!! However, the only hope we have of obtaining a godly president is for American Christians to pray over and throughout the ENTIRE ELECTION PROCESS! In order to do this, we need to have knowledge.

         But let’s face it, most Christians don’t even know when and where the numerous nomination contests are taking place... so how can we even begin to seriously pray over the selection of our next president?

         To meet this need, Prayer Force One has prepared a comprehensive, 2-page, laminated prayer guide listing every single important event spanning the entire nomination process and ending with the inauguration of our next president.


         Our 2016 Prayer Force One, Year-At-A-Glance calendar is now ready to send to you. This annual calendar has become so popular that people have been asking, “Where is this year’s calendar???”

         Maybe the reason that our calendar has become so popular is because of its “Year-At-A-Glance” feature. Perhaps its because its size is so perfect for the briefcase, desk slide or refrigerator. Perhaps it is because the heavy, durable lamination allows visa-viz pens to be used and reused on its surface. Be that as it may, I personally believe the main reason this calendar has become so popular is because it is a very important and practical reminder for us to pray for our nation every single day.

         Whatever the reason, we have your calendar ready to send to you today!

  • A Prayer Force One Tribute To Vonette Bright- January 09, 2016

         As most of you now know, Vonette Bright went to heaven on Tuesday, December 23, in time to spend Christmas with her husband Bill Bright and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What a timely homecoming for a genuine Christian saint. Her magnificent and far-reaching accomplishments will only be fully revealed and appreciated in eternity.

  • 365 Day Countdown Begins- November 08, 2015

         Today, we are pleased to announce the one-year countdown to National Prayer Force One Sunday, the Sunday before we elect our next president.

    You Should Know
    Prayer Force One

  • Prayer Force One - Leadership Training Course - Lesson 2 - August 01, 2014

    Again, Welcome To Prayer Force One University

         Prayer Force One University is the ecclesiastical, educational arm of Prayer Force One, a servant ministry to America’s entire prayer movement. Our goal is to promote filial unity and harmonious spirit among America’s prayer leaders and ministries and thereby nurturing an environment that will enhance both a long-term cooperation between these various ministries and their united impact upon America.

    Introduction To Lesson Two

  • 1000-Day Countdown Begins On Abraham Lincoln's Birthday - March 05, 2014

         On Wednesday, February 12, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, Prayer Force One is launching a 1000-day countdown to National Prayer Force One Sunday, to be held on Sunday, November 6, 2016 - the Sunday before the our next presidential election.

  • Prayer Force One - Leadership Training Course - Lesson 1 - March 05, 2014

    Prayer Force One
    Leadership Training Course

    PF1 University Logo

    "At Prayer Force One, we’re looking for believers.
    We’re looking for those who believe that God isn’t through with America;
    That our country can still be saved; 
    That II Chronicles 7:14 is still true;
    And that a faithful, praying remnant can still make a difference. 
    We are Prayer Force One... and we are looking for you!"


    Welcome To Prayer Force One University

        Prayer Force One University is the ecclesiastical, educational arm of Prayer Force One, a servant ministry to America’s entire prayer movement. Our goal is to build a united prayer organization across our nation that will benefit our country’s prayer movement by developing and connecting prayer leaders across our land.

        In the days ahead, we will be making available various courses of on-line study from some of America’s leading teachers and writers. In time, we also hope to provide in depth training that will culminate in a full-fledged chaplaincy as part of Prayer Force One.

        Prayer Force One University is a work in progress, and as such, we ask for both patience and feedback from all of our participants so that we may perfect the body of instruction and the camaraderie of all who wish to be a part. Each new course will first be presented through a series of e-letters as a no-cost, pilot program before it is added to our on-line curriculum.



       This Summer’s Oklahoma Tornadoes have interrupted our communications to the friends of Prayer Force One, but not our activities in the field. As we are now getting back into our new normal, please allow us to update you with report of what Prayer Force One has been up to. Please click on the photo above to view the slide show that we have prepared for you.



    Thank You Image

         We are soooooo proud of our Prayer Force One Family! Proud of America!! Proud of YOU!!!

         In the midst of the devastating tornado’s that pummeled Oklahoma, Prayer Force One sent out an S.O.S.... and how YOU responded!!! AMERICA responded!!! From the New York City Fire Department to neighbors just down the street... Yes, from all across the nation, loving relief came pouring in as good people rallied to give and to come to Oklahoma!

         To date, in response to our relief request, Prayer Force One and its home church, The Pecan Valley Church have distributed over $115,000.00 in cash donations directly to the victims of the tornadoes in our area. Much of this came directly from your donation to our Prayer Force One Disaster Relief Fund, while a large majority came from the generous assistance of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Thanks to all of you who had a part. Thank you America!!!

  • PF-1 National Day Of Prayer Tour! - April 27, 2013

    Ten Stops In Ten Days
    (NW Arkansas Tour - Schedule Listed Below)

    Thank God For The National Day of Prayer!

         Not long after Francis Scott Key penned the now famous words “And this be our motto, In God Is Our Trust,” all Americans adopted the motto and embraced it in their hearts. Yet, his famous battle hymn, written on the morning after the failed British bombardment of Ft. McHenry, was not fully or officially recognized as America’s National Anthem until 1931, or as our National Motto until 1956.

  • Free Prayer Force One Collector's Calendar - January 20, 2013

         Beloved, let us never forget that dark days always precede great awakenings, and at Prayer Force One, we’re not about to give up on America! Infact, at Prayer Force One we are redoubling our efforts with bold new steps in our efforts to save our nation. As we boldly embark upon this new year, we hope that you will continue to partner with Prayer Force One as we lead out in calling America back to God. We believe that God has specifically raised up Prayer Force One for such a time as this.

  • Missouri Prayer Tour Draws National Attention - November 01, 2012

          Our recent Missouri Prayer Tour (sponsored by Prayer Force One in full partnership with The National Day of Prayer, The Response-USA and Bott Radio Network) drew national press attention as Missouri candidates joined in prayer for the nation. However, what was more important to us was that we believe Heaven was paying attention as well! This was the goal as Prayer Force One toured seven Missouri cities in three days conducting Solemn Assemblies of prayer and repentance for the nation and the upcoming election.

  • PRE-ELECTION TOUR BEGINS THURSDAY! - October 16, 2012God is doing some amazing things with Prayer Force One! We sincerely ask you to pray for the following...

  • Choose Your Prayer Force One Calendar - January 13, 2012

    Two years ago, Christian Americans joined together on National Prayer Force One Sunday, (a national prayer event held every two years on the Sunday before each national election). I believe that God heard our united prayers, resulting in the biggest shift in the U.S. Congress in over 100 years!

    Make no mistake, the so-called "gridlock" in our nation’s capitol today is really the sound of a temporary "stalemate" as a result of that election. However, the battle is still in flux and will not be decided until November 6th of this year. On tht day, we as a country will either decide to complete the electoral revolution which began in 2010, or, (in the present half-done confusion) we will be hoodwinked into returning to business as usual.

    The stakes are high. The future of our country is at stake

    . Never have we needed Christians to follow through in prayer as now! Encouraging such focused prayer is what the "God & Country" ministry of Prayer Force One is all about!

  • Have You Prayed The Harp Prayer? - April 30, 2011

         Each year, Prayer Force One is pleased to present a new graphic version of our simple acrostics prayer, which we call “The Harp Prayer.” (Because the Bible likens our prayers to music sent to the throne of God.) This simple prayer is based upon II Chronicles 7:14 which promises:

    “If My people,
    which are called by My name,
    shall humble themselves and pray,
    and seek My face,
    and turn from their wicked ways;
    then will I hear from heaven,
    and will forgive their sins,
    and will heal their land.”

  • PF-1 To Make Oklahoma Capitol Appearance During "Legislative Prayer Gathering" - January 31, 2011

    During "Legislative Prayer Gathering"

  • The Political Earthquake of 2010 - November 07, 2010

         I offer the following Post-Election Summary & Analysis as a compliment to my predictions sent out just before last Tuesday’s election. I do hope that you will find them helpful.

  • You're Invited! - October 30, 2010

    3 Invitations for 3 Days

         Today, October 31, is National Prayer Force One Sunday - "The Day We Pray Before We Vote!" To encourage American believers to pray for our upcoming national elections, Sandy and I would like to invite you to participate in three events in three days. Each event is especially designed to bring out the spiritual best in God-fearing, patriotic Americans.


    For those of you who are interested, I offer the following Pre-election Analysis & Predictions. Please note that we make no endorsements. We provide this information as an overview which we hope our intercessors will find helpful as they pray over Tuesday’s elections. It can also be used as a kind of score card to help make sense of the election returns as they come in.

  • Special Gift To Prayer Leaders - September 06, 2010

    Special Gift To Prayer Leaders

  • From Texas To Washington NDP - May 19, 2010NDP Eletter

  • Franklin Graham's Valiant Stand - May 05, 2010Short news

  • Why I Believe In The National Day Of Prayer - April 29, 2010

         In this special Prayer Force One Report, I would like to answer the question as to why I believe in the National Day of Prayer and suggest ways that the reader can become involved. Be sure and read the collection of quotes concerning the recent rogue ruling on the constitutionality of The National Day of Prayer. These quotes can be found at the bottom of this report.

  • Breaking News Update! - April 16, 2010

    As we were putting the finishing touches on the following Prayer Force One newsletter, we, like many of you, were grieved to hear that a lone U.S. District Judge declared The National Day Of Prayer to be unconstitutional!

  • You're Invited To The Oklahoma Capitol Thursday - March 30, 2010You are cordially invited to attend Oklahoma's National Day of Prayer, "Prayer & Press Kickoff Event" this Thursday, April 1st, at 8:30 AM, to be held at the Prayer Force One tour bus on the South Capitol Plaza

  • EMERGENCY ED MOORE REPORT - November 06, 2009In I Kings 14:16 The Bible tells us that the LORD, "shall give Israel up because of the sins of Jeroboam, who did sin, and who made Israel to sin."

  • Conference Call Reminder - November 06, 2009Conference Call Reminder I wanted to write and remind interested individuals to join a telephone conference call in which Im scheduled to speak and answer questions. If you would like to join this conference call...

  • Report From 2009 National Prayer Summit - October 31, 2009

         Sandy and I have just returned from The National Prayer Summit in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We invite you to watch a special slide presentation by clicking on the photo below.

    (Photo of bus at Glen Eyrie with Mt. in background)

  • Correction, Prayer Force One Press Release - August 20, 2009

         No, its not the presidents personal bus. The president doesn't even have a bus. Just the same, a bus painted very much like Air Force One will be making stops in seven Missouri cities during its "Spiritual State of the Union Tour," August 23-29.

  • July Red Phone Prayer Alert - July 12, 2009I wanted to write and let you know that God is hearing and answering your prayers on behalf of Prayer Force One. Every time we send a request, we see amazing, even miraculous results and open doors.

  • Special PF-1 Flag Day, White House Prayer Meeting - June 12, 2009

    Its Flag Day, Sunday, June 14th, 2009.

    Three cheers for the Red, White & Blue!

  • Barnstorming Tour - May 31, 2009Dear Red Phone Prayer Team,
    I trust that this prayer alert finds each of you rejoicing in the LORD!

  • Red Phone Pray Alert - May 11, 2009Dear Members of the Prayer Force One Red Phone Prayer Team, Greetings from the Capitol Hill observance of The National Day of Prayer in Washington DC

  • Press Release - May 04, 2009

    Press Release

  • First Red Phone Prayer Alert - March 28, 2009

         Since Prayer Force Ones birth, we have had nearly a quarter of a million hits on our site. To these initial contacts, we recently sent forth an invitation for Spirit-led believers to become a part of an exclusive prayer team.

  • President Reagan's Prayer Request - January 18, 2009

         At his first inauguration on January 20, 1981, Ronald Reagan said, "I am told that tens of thousands of prayer meetings are being held on this day, and for that I am deeply grateful. We are a nation under God, and I believe God intended for us to be free. It would be fitting and good, I think, if on each Inauguration Day in future years it should be declared a day of prayer.

  • A Merry American Christmas! - December 21, 2008

    My Dear Christian Brothers & Sisters,

    On behalf of our family and the entire Prayer Force One staff, Sandy and I wanted to write and wish you very Merry Christ-filled American Christmas.

  • Pre-election Prayer Continues! - November 02, 2008Let us keep praying fervently for out national elections Tuesday.

  • Today Is National Prayer Force One Sunday - November 01, 2008

         Today is National Prayer Force One Sunday. As Americans from all fifty states join together in prayer today, let us pray pray for our country as we have never prayed for it before.

  • A Prayer Song For America - October 31, 2008

    Dear Believing Americans,


  • Join the Prayer-ie Fire! - October 30, 2008

         There is a prairie fire sweeping across America! It is a not a "prairie fire" but a "Prayer-ie Fire"!!! It is a move of God among His people. It is a call to prayer coming from many quarters and from the heart of God.

  • Prayers Fly Higher Than Air Force One - October 29, 2008

    Our first internet billboard, with Ronald Reagan, was a huge and very popular success. Today we send out the second of our ten internet billboards, this one expressing the theme that..."Prayers Fly Higher Than Air Force One"...

  • Here is an ad you can use! - October 23, 2008

        Many of you have been asking what you can do to promote the Prayer Force One, White House Prayer Meeting. Here is something that you might consider doing.

  • Prayer Force One's HARP Prayer for America - October 05, 2008

         Not long ago someone suggested that it would be helpful to have a simple prayer aid that could help unite Americans in praying for their country. . .This is how the HARP Prayer was born. . . 

  • Prayer Link - July 21, 2008Prayer Link

  • McCain's Top 20 VP Possibilities - June 08, 2008



  • Prayer Force One Is Off To Washington DC - February 18, 2008As you receive this e-letter, Prayer Force One is preparing to depart for Washington DC...

  • Merry Christmas from Prayer Force One - December 22, 2007


  • GOP Candidates To Debate At Reagan Library May 3rd - April 25, 2007

         In the name of intelligent and informed praying, we want to announce to The Friends Of Prayer Force One, that the first nationally televised presidential debate will occur this May 3rd, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. . .  

  • Merry Christmas from Prayer Force One! - December 22, 2006Not Used

  • November E-Letter from Prayer Force One - November 18, 2006

                We trust that all of you are happy and blessed as we go into the Thanksgiving Holiday. As you probably know, it was George Washington that called for our first official Thanksgiving observance, which was held on November 26, 1789. We have so much to be thankful for. In our family, we are expecting grandbaby number ten! God is so good. We as a nation have much to be thankful for too. Yet, amid these blessings, we have much to be in prayer about as well.

    President Bush and new Chief
    Justice John Roberts
    (Photo courtesy of the White House)

    Pray for our Supreme Court Justices as they decide the constitutionality of Congress’s ban on partial birth abortions. 

    The “High Court” was in “high tension” last week as President Bush’s Solicitor General, Paul Clement, battled lawyers from Planned Parenthood over the issue of the Congressional ban on partial birth abortions. (Imagine, we have digressed in our debate, not over a woman’s so-called “right” to an abortion, but to whether a child can be killed in the very act of being born!) Clement argued that partial birth abortion was crossing the line into “infanticide”. (Infant killing)

  • August E-Letter - October 17, 2006

         Since we last wrote, we have travelled over 4,000 miles, combining vacation time with several Prayer Force One "photo-shoots" for a video program we are planning. We have been to Branson, MO, the Colorado Rockies, and to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. The photo below was taken at the door of Air Force One.

  • Prayer Force One October '06 E-letter - October 14, 2006

         Greetings to all the friends of Prayer Force One! We trust the crisp fall air greets you with the richest of blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ. During my devotions recently, I read the following story in the Bible. It really burdened my heart to pray more for my country and to be more fervent than ever in the great work of Prayer Force One.

         Click on the Ronald Reagan billboard above to read an excerpt from the first lesson in Part II entitled, Our National Spiritual Heritage: In the Words of Our Presidents. One of the neat things about this link is the “Hail To The Chief” music that plays at the beginning. As an added bonus, you can choose from three other renditions of the song, which is really quite fun. Which do you like best?


  • Our First E-Letter To The Friends of PF-1 - May 15, 2006

         Greetings From Prayer Force One Headquarters!  May I first say thanks for all who have caught the vision and who are praying daily for this great and vitally needed ministry to America.


The Promise of GOD     "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14

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