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  • Prayer Force One Announces Trump-Pence Transitional Prayer Initiative- November 17, 2016


         Prayer Force One is pleased to announce today, in the same week that the Trump-Pence transition team website went live, that we are launching a parallel, Trump-Pence Transitional Prayer Initiative that begins today, and will last for the ten weeks leading up to Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2017.


         The purpose of this new prayer initiative is to encourage and mobilize prayer as President-elect Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and their transition team moves forward to assemble those who will comprise the nucleus of the next White House administration. (Click to read more)


         Recently, while talking with Senator Rick Santorum, (a prospective GOP presidential candidate) I shared the following two Bible verses:

         “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.” (Psalm 46:3) and, “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.” (Psalm 118:9)

         To these two verses, Senator Santorum simply looked me in the eye and replied, “Amen!”

         We both went on to agree however, that the Bible also teaches that good leaders do matter! The Bible plainly states, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” (Proverbs29:2)

  • Join Our White House Prayer Meeting Now! - January 16, 2014

        At Prayer Force One, we're turning The White House into a prayer chapel! Join us as we meet in a different room of The White House each day to pray for our nation.

    Click On The Photo Above To Join Our PF-1 White House Prayer Meeting


        Our Prayer Force One, Year-At-A-Glance Calendar is now ready to send to you. This annual calendar has become so popular that people have been writing and calling to ask when this year’s calendar would be ready.


         Rick Santorum, former U.S. senator and GOP presidential candidate, is now CEO of EchoLight Studios, the first movie company to produce, finance, market and distribute faith-based, family films across all releasing platforms. Santorum recently announced this new venture on Fox News Channel’s “The Huckabee Show.”

  • Prayer Force One To Rendezvous With National Day Of Prayer Tour Bus - August 31, 2013


    In Oklahoma To Honor First Responders

    The Public Is Invited to Attend & Tour Both Buses


         This Saturday, Oklahoma’s own, Prayer Force One tour bus will rendezvous with The National Day of Prayer tour bus to honor first responders from the recent tornados. The tour stop will be this Saturday afternoon at 3:00 P.M. at the site of the Plaza Towers Elementary School, located at 852 SW11th in Moore, Oklahoma. Area pastor, Ed Moore is founder of Prayer Force One and is also father of Moore Fireman, Lieutenant Corley Moore who was among those who arrived at the Plaza Towers Elementary School within minutes of the tornado.

  • Emergency Report From Prayer Force One - May 21, 2013

         Several years ago, when Joplin, MO was hit with a killer tornado, with your help, Prayer Force One arrived on the scene within 48 hours, filled to capacity with relief supplies. Today however, Prayer Force One has no need to go anywhere. Instead, our church, our home, and Prayer Force One were in the direct path of even worse killer tornadoes!

  • "The Response" - November 01, 2011

         Please pray for Prayer Force One as we join with The National Day of Prayer and The Response Team for a seven city prayer tour throughout Missouri on October 19-21. Click on the flyer image below to read the flyer, and also on the following link in order to see The Response website...

  • PF-1 Tornado Response-Report & Thank You! - July 15, 2011

         Thanks to many of you, Prayer Force One was able to quickly respond with meaningful, early relief to Joplin tornado victims. Within twelve hours, Prayer Force one was in action coordinating an immediate response to the disaster. Within twenty-four hours of the tornado, Prayer Force One was stationed at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee where it was filled to the brim with water, clothes, blankets, food and personal hygiene items, etc.

  • 2010, PF-1 Poster Unveiled - July 01, 2010

         Today, we are pleased to unveil the poster and theme for this year's National Prayer Force One Sunday. In doing so, please allow me to retell the story of little seven-year-old Noah Jackson and how God used his tender heart and childlike faith to inspire the poster pictured below. This time however, let me tell you "the rest of the story".

  • PF-1 Medal of Honor - May 05, 2010

        On this, the 59th observance of The National Day Of Prayer, Prayer Force One is pleased to announce the creation of an annual award to be called "The Prayer Force One, God & Country Medal of Honor" - the first of which is to be awarded during next year's Diamond (60th) Anniversary of America's National Day of Prayer.

  • Free Prayer Force One Collectors Calendar - January 04, 2010

    Choose your favorite Prayer Force One Year-At-A-Glace laminated calendar from the three...

  • Legislative Prayer Gathering - Jan.31 - December 31, 2009

    On Super Bowl Sunday - Jan. 31, the day before Oklahoma's 55th legislative session begins, Prayer Force One will again join others in sponsoring the sixth annual Legislative Prayer Gathering at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

  • Share This Thanksgiving Animation - November 25, 2009

    I hope that you will enjoy and then forward this animation-enhanced photo I recently took in Colorado Springs during The National Prayer Summit. Do you think God might be trying to tell America something?

  • You're Invited To The National Prayer Summit - November 25, 2009

    Now, I want to extend a personal invitation to you to meet us at The National Prayer Summit at the famed Focus On The Family headquarters in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. The dates are Friday through Sunday, October 16-18. What could be better than to enjoy a gorgeous autumn weekend in the Rocky Mountains with Christian prayer warriors from around the nation?

  • Spiritual State of the Union Tour - August 08, 2009

          Prayer Force One is pleased to announce its first "Spiritual State of the Union Tour".


         In cooperation with the Missouri National Day of Prayer Committee, Bott Radio Network, and Jefferson City's United As One, Prayer Force One will barnstorm across seven Missouri cities in four days.For more information, click on the graphic above to view the two page flyer containing our schedule. When you do, be sure and scroll down to see page two of the flyer.

  • The Ed Moore Report Makes Its Debut - August 08, 2009

         After much prayer and encouragement from many of our readers, "The Ed Moore Report", with its subtitle, "Views On News From A Christian Perspective", made its official, double-pronged debut with articles on Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin.

  • Prayer Force One January 07 E-Letter - August 01, 2009

    God has been so good to provide the initial funding for the project. He sent a wonderful Christian couple from New York to help. As we dined aboard Prayer Force One, I ask this man, “How is it that a New York millionaire is having dinner aboard Prayer Force One in the middle of rural Oklahoma?” His reply was just a smile. Yes, God sent him, and at just the right time! This couple provided enough to print, promote, and provide for the initial travel expenses for the promotion of the book. God still answers prayer!

  • Obama Team Preempts White House Prayer Meeting - June 10, 2009

    At the stroke of 12:00 Noon on Inauguration Day, January 20th, the new Obama White House web site went live with the effect of cutting off our daily White House prayer meeting...

  • Report From National Day of Prayer In DC - June 10, 2009

         Rarely have we been so uplifted and given so much hope for America as we were by the spiritual events that took place in Washington last week. To viewa special slide presentation that we have prepared just for you, please click on the photo above.

  • Lincoln's Shocking Day of Prayer Proclamation - May 03, 2009

         For a shocking wake-up call, and to see how far we've drifted from the historic and humble attitude of our Fathers, we present Abraham Lincoln's 1863 National Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer Proclamation. It is hard to imagine this proclamation getting to first base in today's White House or ...

  • Why I Support The National Day Of Prayer - May 02, 2009

    On May 7th, Americans everywhere will again have the opportunity to join their fellow citizens for Americas annual day of prayer for the nation. What a wonderful joy and privilege this day has become! Strangely enough however this day, known as The National Day of Prayer, is now under attack. Therefore, as president of Prayer Force One, Americas Flagship of Prayer, I would like to explain why I enthusiastically support and defend The National Day of Prayer.

  • National Prayer Chaplain Appointed - April 11, 2009

    I want to tell you about the appointment of Dr. Don Sheffield as the first National Prayer Chaplain of Prayer Force One. You will be hearing a lot from and about Dr. Sheffield in the days ahead.

  • Red Phone Prayer Team - March 08, 2009

    At Prayer Force One, we have decided to put the red phone to a new and exclusive use. This could very possibly include you...

  • New Beginning of PF-1 White House Prayer Meeting - February 15, 2009

    Dear Praying Americans,
         We are pleased to invite you to attend the rebirth of the Prayer Force One White House Prayer Meeting. This new beginning is the direct result of your letters of encouragement, advice, and many prayers...

  • Where Do We Pray From Here??? - January 31, 2009

         We were stunned last week by the number of you who wrote in response to the end of our Prayer Force One White House Prayer Meeting. Hundreds upon hundreds responded with one united voice...

  • View The Oklahoman Video Story - January 28, 2009

         Carla Hinton of The Oklaoman (Oklahoma's largest newspaper) recently wrote a fine story about Prayer Force One. You can read the article and view the video by clicking on the graphic above.

  • OPERATION: Inaugural Prayer - January 26, 2009

         On January 20th, Prayer Force One will be sponsoring a special edition of our Prayer Force One: Virtual Prayer Meeting In The White House. While many evangelicals, including me, are concerned about an Obama presidency and how it will impact our nation, we must remember several things...

  • An Important Christmas Letter - December 08, 2008

    Dear Prayer Partners,
    I have four exciting Prayer Force One operations to tell you about and then two items that I would like to send to you. Please read this e-mail all the way through as its message is very important.

  • "Under God" Pastor Dies At 97 - December 02, 2008

    Reverend George M. Docherty, the person primarily responsible for having the phrase "under God" added to the Pledge of Allegiance, died this Thanksgiving at the age 97.

  • Post-Election/Prayer Summit Update - November 26, 2008

         Sandy and I were honored to greet delegates during The National Prayer Summit, held at the national headquarters of Focus On The Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are shown here with Shirley Dobson who has been the guiding hand behind The National Day Of Prayer for eighteen years. To see a slide show of our Summit Tour, please click on the photo above.

  • URGENT: America, get on the red phone! - October 26, 2008

         Inside the entry door to Prayer Force One, America's Flagship of Prayer, there is a red telephone. Like everything else about (and aboard) Prayer Force One, the red phone has a symbolic meaning. In this case, the red phone conveys the urgent need for every American believer to get on the hot line to heaven, especially concerning this year's election!

  • Is Sarah Palin An American Version Of Esther? - October 03, 2008

         As Christians seek to discern God's will concerning the upcoming presidential election, many have been asking: "Is Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska a modern day version of Israel's Queen Esther?"

  • Summit Level Meetings/Update - September 01, 2008

         We have been having some very, very high profile, summit-level meetings with key Christian leaders across America. Let me tell you about two of our most recent, in the order they occurred.

  • 90-Day Countdown To Prayer Force One Sunday Begins - August 02, 2008

         We have just begun a 90-Day Countdown Campaign leading up to National Prayer Force One Sunday.  You should have noticed immediately that there is a new "countdown entry page" when you logged on to our site.  We have added this as a concise introduction for the benefit of the many thousands of visitors that we are expecting in the immediate days ahead.

  • Prayer Force One Reports From Liberty University - April 25, 2008

    Greetings from Lynchburg, Virginia! What favor God gave while at Liberty University. God blessed beyond all of our expectations.

  • Ohio Valley/Washington DC Tour Begins - April 19, 2008

    As you read this, Prayer Force One is rolling east as we begin our Ohio Valley/Washington DC Tour...

  • Southern Baptist Carry Story On PF-1 - March 18, 2008

    The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention recently carried a major story on Prayer Force One. In the first paragraph it reads, "Just as we were about to crowd into small vans for a two-hour prayer drive to strategic parts of Miami, a beautiful large bus painted like "Air Force One" drove up like a mirage."...

  • President Bush Writes To Prayer Force One - March 14, 2008

    We at Prayer Force One HQ are pleased to share a letter President George W. Bush recently wrote to us in response to our letter to him concerning our daily prayer meeting in the White House. . .

  • Our Most Important E-Letter To Date - February 03, 2008

    Dear Friend of God, America and Prayer Force One,

    This is not a short e-letter, but it is the most important letter that I have written to date. I humbly ask you to please read every single word.

  • Deep South Tour Update - February 02, 2008

    As I write this letter we are headed south on US 27 in south central Florida on our way to Miami. Sandy is typing as I drive and...

  • Prayer Cover Needed As Deep South Tour Begins - January 13, 2008

    Deep South Tour Begins
    On Tuesday morning, January 15, Sandy, Tyler and I will embark on a very important "Deep South Tour" aboard Prayer Force One. This tour will include stops in...

  • New Hot Button Contains Presidential Prayer Guide - January 03, 2008

    By clicking on the Presidential Hot Button, (above) you can view our new Presidential Prayer Guide, which contains a photo and brief paragraph about every major presidential candidate. Simply by clicking on . . .

  • Heartland Tour Report - September 09, 2007

         During the "maiden voyage" of Prayer Force One, we traveled over 2,600 miles, visiting eight states and six state capitols. During this time, we had twenty-one news crews aboard from nineteen different cities in just eighteen days. While traveling, we met with two presidential candidates as well as...

  • Ed Reports From Iowa - August 09, 2007

    Well, the Iowa straw poll is coming up Saturday and we've been all over the state in Prayer Force One meeting candidates as we promote prayer for America. So far we've had ten...

  • Off To Iowa's Presidential Straw Poll! - July 21, 2007

          This last Saturday, we enjoyed participating in the Reclaim Oklahoma Conference in Edmond. During the event, it was an honor to give U.S. Congresswoman Mary Fallin a private tour of Prayer Force One . . .  


  • Jerry Falwell Dies Unexpectedly - May 15, 2007

         Jerry Falwell, 73, best known as the founder of the Moral Majority, was found unconscious in his Lynchburg office this morning around 10:45 A.M. He was later pronounced dead at the Lynchburg General Hospital after efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. Falwell is credited with organizing what has become known as "The Christian Right" in the effort that helped elect Ronald Reagan as President in 1980. . .

  • Back From First Presidential Debate - May 13, 2007

    (Updated 5/16/07 after second GOP debate), Sandy and I have just returned from the first GOP Presidential Debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Some have asked for my thoughts about the debate, so here goes . . .

  • PF-1 Begins Ministry From Oklahoma State Capitol - May 12, 2007

    On Tuesday, April 10th, Ed and Sandy Moore officially launched the ministry of Prayer Force One, and the beginning of their fifty-state tour to call America to prayer from the south plaza of the Oklahoma State Capitol.

    Many State Legislators and members of their staffs toured the bus during open house aboard Prayer Force One. During the day. . .

  • Blake Bolerjack Debuts PF-1 Song At Capitol - April 30, 2007

    Accomplished recording artist, Blake Bolerjack, sang the first live performance of the newly recorded Prayer Force One theme song at the Oklahoma State Capitol, as part of Prayer Force One's launching ceremony on April 10th. Blake is an amazing tenor with an incredible gift for projecting spritual feeling with his voice. He received a standing ovation from . . .

  • Candidates Voice Views Over Pro-Life Ruling - April 19, 2007

    This week the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling which is considered to be the first major crack in Roe v Wade. In a monumental victory for President Bush and the pro-life movement, the Roberts court, by a five to four decision, upheld the Congressional ban on partial-birth abortions which. . .

    President Bush and new Chief
    Justice John Roberts
    (Photo courtesy of the White House)

  • National RV Magazine Features Prayer Force One - July 11, 2006

         That's right, our flagship not only made the front cover, but the centerspread of a leading R.V. magazine. Prayer Force One is the featured article of the July issue of Bus Conversion Magazine. The photographs and . . .

  • Mysterious Untouched Photo Reminds U.S. Of God - June 19, 2006

    This beautiful photo was taken in Arizona with a 35mm camera and is untouched in any way. Like the flag at Iwo Jima and the cross at 9/11's ground zero, this wonderful photo reminds us that...

  • State Newspaper Carries Story On Prayer Force One - June 19, 2006

         Strange as it may seem, the article below headlined the front page of the religious section on the same day Air Force One headlined the front page of the same Saturday, May 6th edition of the Daily Oklahoman.

  • Letter To President George W. Bush - May 13, 2006

         The following letter was sent today to inform President Bush of our noon prayer meeting in the White House.

  • OBU President Thanks Ministers/Prayer Force One - March 29, 2006

         This week, Dr. Mark Brister, President of Oklahoma Baptist University, thanked Union Baptist ministers/Prayer Force One for their prayer ride/vigil over the campus of OBU. In a hand written letter to Ed Moore,

  • Friends Of Prayer Force One Established - March 10, 2006

         The Friends of Prayer Force One was established as an e-mail communication source to keep our friends and supporters updated with the progress, travels and needs of Prayer Force One.


The Promise of GOD     "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14

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